Kennedy is a big red housecat. He is born about the 30 th af May 2000, but came already home the 4 th of July 2000 about 5 weeks old from Inge's Kattehjem. His mother didn't have enough milk, so he is becoming a lovely and loving cat at 5 kg by feeding with a bottle. He is moms own darling. He wants to lay in arm every night otherwise he gets offended.



Mendella is born about the 8 th of June 2000, he came home just 6 weeks old the 20 th of July 2000, from Inge's Kattehjem. He was a wildcat and he spited, raved and bad, so Anita had take 4 weeks of from work so he could be use to human beings. Today he is a big lovely cat at 6 kg.



Fuzziè is born the 24 th of September 2001, and we get her the 22 th af October 2001, from Inge's Kattehjem. Fuzziè is a blue - red girl at 4,5 kg. She talks a lot all the time and she can always find a spot on her stomach were we can scratch her. She is properly the most affectionate cat that we have.