Who are Bjerglossen.

Hallo we are a little family ; we are 2 parents, 1 child and 10 cats. we live in a big apartment, whit a big open balcony, in which we have made space for the cats. All our cats are aloud to run around in the entire apartment, thay can also run in and out af the balcony every day, as they whant to.

We nearly always have had different kind of cats, we have had orphaned kittens in care, and bring them up, so thay cut take care of them self. It was to hejp Inge's Kattehjem. Our own 2 lovely cats also come from Inge's Kattehjem.

We got our first Forrest Cat from Susanne in the spring 2002, and we came at our first show in the autumn 2002. It has opened a whole new world for us. We didn't know that was so many lovely human beings whit the same inerest as us. By now the one Forrest Cat is becomming to eigth Forrest Cats, and in the springtime 2004, we will like to get our first litter of forrest kittens.

You are welcome to phone or write us if you have any questions or if you just want to have a nice chat.     

Anita & John Tofteng
Digehuset 8
2670 Greve
Tlf. 0045 43 69 24 28
Mobil. 0045 26 21 24 70 / 0045 50 41 04 38