PROJECT IN 2005 / 2006.

Our project in 2005 / 2006  are that we want to try to get 4 litters of kittens, a litter of 4 of our Forrest Cat.

One litter between  GIC DK*Fribanikos Faith  & GIC  DK*Bjerglossen's Möjlner.  Faith expect kittens
around November  2005.

One litter between  GIC DK*Bjerglossen's Reja's den 1. & EC S*Mr Warsteiner.  Reja's Den 1. expect kittens
around Juni 2006. (th. 19. juni 2006).

One litter between EC DK*Floresta Leaò's Reja & GIC S*Jawora's Flimmer.  Reja expect kittens
ind the autumn 2006. 

One litter between EC DK*Skindbjerg's Annabelle Arjuna & IC La Forêt's O'Malley.  Annabelle Arjuna expect kittens
ind september 2006. (7. september 2006)